Wednesday, April 27, 2016

KABOOCHY 5 piece Ceramic Knife Set Review

I received the KABOOCHY 5 piece Ceramic Knife Set for free to test them out and write a review, and I was super excited for them to arrive. I happen to have extra tall cabinets in my home, and there's not a lot of space for most knife sets, but because this one is so unique and stylish, I thought the knife set would fit under there really well, and I was right. The set fits perfectly and they look really nice on my counter.

I love these knives for so many reasons. They are unique looking on my counter instead of just being in a regular old knife block. I love having that unique look in my kitchen too. It is nice to see that something like knives can actually be stylish and look decorative even instead of just being stuck in a regular old boring knife block. Any previous knives I had were purely about function, and these have both those, which is a lovely attribute for them to have.

The set includes the following knives:

  • 6" Chef's Knife
  • 5" Paring Knife
  • 4" Utility Knife
  • 3" fruit Knife

Of course, the knives are actually really good at cutting, which is their job, so that is obviously one of the most important aspects. The handles are easy to grip and each one is balanced well for chopping or cutting. Plus, these knives are sharp and are staying sharp through quite a bit of use and cleaning. I love that the handles are antibacterial bamboo too because I cut a lot of chicken and other things in my kitchen that could possibly carry bacteria.

I highly recommend this Kaboochy 5 piece ceramic knife set for any kitchen. It's a wonderful set of knives both for using and for looking at.

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